It's A Cool $1,000 Penguin's Reverse Bingo, Buy 8 Get 4 Free


Take Away the Winter Chills Playing Cyber and Downtown Bingo’s $1,000 Penguin’s Reverse Bingo Full House Beginning December 5th

It's A Cool $1,000 Penguin's Reverse Bingo, Buy 8 Get 4 FreeIt’s starting to get blistery cold outside, tis the season, right? Don’t let the winter chills get dampen your mood. Cyber Bingo and Downtown Bingo has put together the perfect promotion to get rid of the chills with some crazy penguin bingo fun called Penguin Reverse Bingo.

This fun filled event has $1,000 up for grabs in the Candy Frenzy 90 Bingo Room this Saturday, December 5th at 6:00PM EST. The $1,000 Penguins Reverse Full House game will start by offering a guaranteed $100 prize and then climb in value with each number called until it reaches $1,000.

Want more with this crazy reverse fun? How about buy 8 bingo tickets and get 4 free? Ticket costs is just $0.50 so for $4.00 you get to play the reverse full house game with 12 instead of 8! There’s no need to choose just 8 tickets either. Select the 12 you feel is lucky and you will only be charged for 8. You can even get the buy 8 get 4 free offer when you pre-purchase your cards.

This whole month of December is jam-packed with lots of exciting events at Cyber and Downtown Bingo. This offer is just the beginning of what’s to come this festive month. Stay tuned…..


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