Jackpot City Mobile Casino Next Mega Moolah Slot Millionaire


The Millionaire Maker! If that phrase got your attention then you will definitely want to read the rest of what I have to tell you about!

Mega Moolah is one of the hottest online jackpot slots around and for good reason…it produces winners, that win Millions! The Wild Africa themed MEGA MOOLAH offers multiple opportunities for rewards in an innovative and unique combination of 5 reels and 25 pay-lines plus a Wheel of Fortune style jackpot game! That’s where you can win a minimum amount of 1 million ($/£/€) depending on your currency of choice.

This amazing jackpot has exciting features and gameplay action, slot players win and when they do they win Big! Checkout these past winners: Mrs. P., won $4.2 million playing the Mega Moolah Summertime, in December 2011 : Susan C. won £1,965,956, October 2011 : A.D. won €3,841,871, December 2010: Mr. R. won €2,547,086, August 2010 : Mrs. P. won $4,170,128, October 2009: Radoslaw M. won $1,242,561, 11 May 2009 : Georgios M. won €6,374,599 and 22 April 2008 : Klaus E. won $5,556,753. These are just some of the amazing wins and we want to see your name added to that list!

That’s why Jackpot City Mobile is giving Megah Moolah online slot players some incentive to becoming the next big winner with two welcome bonuses! Jackpot City Mobile will give you 100% back on your first deposit up to £200 – that’s up to £200 free!

  1. Download the free software and Register a New Real Account.
  2. Click “Deposit Now” to make your first deposit up to £200.
  3. Claim up to £200 free!

Bonus 2: Claim your £300 FREE!

Receive 100% back on your second deposit up to £300 – that’s up to £300 free!

  1. Follow the steps above.
  2. Click “Deposit Now” to make your second deposit up to £300.
  3. Claim up to £300 free!

If that doesnt get you excited maybe this will, the Mega Moolah has a payout percentage of 94% – 95%! Which means you have an excellent chance of becoming the next  Jackpot City mobile casino Mega Moolah Slot Millionaire!

There’s no other game that comes close in terms of reputation and guaranteed payouts. Since 1999, Microgaming the leading casino game developer, has paid out over €320 million (US $453 million) in jackpots to lucky players around the world. If there’s one game to pick out and play, this is it.

Reported by Maggie B.

Maggie Bean has been a part of our family since we began 15 years ago when we started the Casino Scam Report (https://www.casinoscamreport.com) site. She is head editor of articles as well as checking and reporting on the latest casino bonuses and promotions.


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