Diamond Room Special, Multi-Part Games at Downtown Bingo

Diamond Room Special, Multi-Part Games at Downtown Bingo

Bedazzle Yourself with Sparkling Cash Prizes Every Game at Downtown Bingo

Downtown Bingo is hosting a Black Diamond Special every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night! Bedazzle yourself with sparkling cash prizes every game throughout the evening starting at 8:00pm in the Diamond Bingo room with starting pots of $13.00 guaranteed for each game.

It doesn’t matter what your favorite diamond is whether its white, green, blue, pink or yellow, you are guaranteed to fall in love with the special black diamonds with the special games. The lucky $13 starting pots is just the beginning of the guaranteed fun. Each game will play in three parts with the guaranteed starting prize for each part. The more players that join each game, the higher and faster the prize will grow with no limit on how high the prizes can get. Cards are only $.50 each with a special purchase promotion of buy 6 get 3 free for the full two hour promotional event. Pre Order options are available in case you have prior engagements.

If you haven’t played Downtown Bingo now’s the perfect time to join. New members are receiving an all exclusive welcome offer worth 500% when the first deposit is made. The second, third and fourth deposit will also receive a 250% match.


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