Downtown Bingos Big $13,000 Bingo Event is this Saturday July 27

Downtown Bingos Big $13,000 Bingo Event is this Saturday July 27

Join Downtown Bingo for its Big Bingo Event $13,000.00 Guaranteed, the Biggest Online Bingo Event of the Month with Guarantee Big Winners

Every month Downtown Bingo hosts one of the biggest bingo events in the industry, the Big Bingo Event $13,000 Guaranteed! This month the event is taking place on Saturday July 27. The fun starts at 7:00pm with three top of the hour games guaranteeing $3,000 in cash.

Every hour, on the hour, three games will play with cards costing just $2.00 each. Downtown Bingo says these are warm up games, but with each game guaranteeing $1,000 in prizes, they are more than just warm up games! The big game, or big event as Downtown calls it plays at 10:00pm. Downtown is guaranteeing a $10,000 prize for the one game with cards costing $5.00 each and no limit on how many each player can purchase.

The big event game is a life changer for anyone who wins it. Downtown asks what would you do with the winnings? Take a vacation, remodel your home, go on a shopping spree? You can’t win if you don’t play! If you haven’t joined in on the monthly celebration now’s the time to do so. Join Downtown Bingo today and receive a massive boost with the first deposit. Downtown will match all deposits with a 500% bonus.


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