Play Downtown Bingos Lucky Bingo Event for Guaranteed Prizes

Play Downtown Bingos Lucky Bingo Event for Guaranteed Prizes

Join in the Fun at Downtown Bingos Lucky Bingo Event Tomorrow for a Chance to Win Cash Prizes! Buy Three Cards, Get Two Free!

Feeling lucky? Make it your lucky bingo day playing Downtown Bingos Lucky Bingo event September 8th for a chance to win a guaranteed $1,000 in prizes. Make this Saturday your lucky bingo day when you join the Summer Bingo room at 8:00pm. There will be one hour of nonstop action packed games that are promising a total of a thousand in payouts. This is a three-part event with each game paying out guaranteed prize amounts whether its one winner or five.

  • Pattern 1 with a prize of $100
  • Pattern 2 with a prize of $150
  • Full House with a prize of $250

The Lucky Bingo games will play at the top of the hour with cards costing just $1.00 each with no limit on how many you can purchase. Downtown is offering their special buy 3 get 2 free offer on all games, so boost your chances with the more cards you buy. Purchase three cards and two cards will be credited automatically.

Downtown Bingo is also offering all new players a 500% match bonus with the first deposit plus a $5 credit when the first deposit completes. Subsequent deposits are also recognized with a 250% bonus.


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