Win Big with Vegas Crest Casinos Diamond Bingo Sale

Win Big with Vegas Crest Casinos Diamond Bingo Sale

Win big with Vegas Crests’ Diamond Bingo sale this week! 2021 started with a bang and will continue to go on with a bang with a special sale on bingo cards.

Yes, you heard it right a big sale on bingo cards! So, what’s the big sale? The big sale is $0.25 bingo cards no matter which games you are playing. There will be multipart games and guaranteed games playing throughout the evening.

The fun and nonstop action is taking place in the Diamond Bingo room starting at 6:00pm EST and running through midnight. All of the games will start with at least a $50 cash prize with some of them offering multipart games worth $5/$10/$25, $60 games with $5/$15.00/$35.00 multiparts and $75 games with multipart games playing throughout worth $5.00/$20.00/$50.00.

The best part about all of the bingo cards being on sale is you still get the same great value with the prizes as if you were paying full price for each card. Get in on this exciting and valuable deal today! Play Vegas Crest Bingo and enjoy the latter part of the first month of the brand-new year.


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