Saturday, December 5, 2020

The Reports

The reports are compiled from all the online casino complaints and scams we’ve received from the past few years.

When a player complaint is received, we first decide if it’s valid. We do this by judging the content and manor of the email (among other things). For example, if the casino is already a blacklisted casino. Blacklisted casinos rarely respond to our complaints. And if they do, it’s usually the same lies they are telling their players.

The Casino Complaint and Scam Reports are never written without contacting the casino first. We (and the casinos) prefer to discuss these complaints privately. If the casino chooses to ignore the complaint, we then proceed to write up the complaint report.

If the casino responds to the issue this is usually a good sign that they would like to discuss resolving the complaint. Although this does not always fall in favor of the player.

If we receive multiple complaints about a casino that are unresolved from a lack of response, we then proceed to post a scam report.

Casino Grand Bay Dispute - Resolved

Casino Grand Bay Dispute – Resolved

Casino Grand Bay - Resolved A player a filed a complaint with us about the casino not honoring the unlimited free game bonus...

Avoid SpinWin Casino (

Casinomeister is reporting that a player from had a complaint from January 2011 about not receiving his payout from the casino. The casino initially...
Avoid and ALL Teller Processing LTD Casinos (Blacklisted)

Avoid and ALL Teller Processing LTD Casinos (Blacklisted)

Today (Oct. 30th 2011) we received a complaint from a player at Royal Dice Casino. The player informed us that he has been a...


This just in from Casinomeister: Non-payment, Unresponsive to player issues. Player brought a non-payment issue to us on 21st January: after providing photo ID and... Payout Complaint - Resolved Payout Complaint – Resolved

0 Payout Complaint– Resolved Complaint came in about a player not getting paid and being locked out of her account... Message: Requested a withdraw on... blacklisted Payout Complaint – Unresolved (Blacklisted)

0 Payout Complaint – Unresolved (Blacklisted) Another payout complaint in for the blacklisted sportsbetting website We advise all our website visitors to avoid...
Planet 7 Casino Scam

Planet 7 Casino Payout Complaint – Resolved

Planet 7 Casino Payout Complaint– Resolved Planet 7 Casino is now Blacklisted - Read Reasons Why We received the below complaint from a planet 7...
Cirrus Casino Complaint - Blacklisted

Cirrus Casino Complaint – Blacklisted

Cirrus Casino - Unresolved (BLACKLISTED) Reason Why Player's complaint... "Its been about 2 months now- they refuse to pay me, its one excuse after another,...
Slots Garden Casino Scam

Slots Garden Casino Payout Complaint – Blacklisted

Slots Garden Casino Payout Complaint - Blacklisted Unresolved Slots Garden is now Blacklisted - Too Many Complaints of Non-Payouts Player filed a complaint with us about
Real Vegas Online Casino - Still Scamming Players

Real Vegas Online Accused of Unsolicited “Free Play” Bonus Offer

It's very unfortunate the amount of emails we receive on a daily basis asking for help in regards to an online casino that has...

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