Saturday, August 24, 2019

Casino Scam Reports

The below Casino Scam Reports are compiled from all the online casino complaints and online casino scams we’ve received over the years.

When a player complaint is received, we first decide if it’s valid. We do this by judging the content and manor of the email (among other things). For example, we check to see if the casino is already a scam casino listed on our blacklisted casino page. Blacklisted casinos rarely respond to our complaints. And if they do, it’s usually the same lies they are telling their players.

The reports are never written without contacting the casino first. We (and the casinos) prefer to discuss these complaints and scams privately. If the casino chooses to ignore the complaint, we then proceed to write up the complaint report.

If the casino responds to the issue this is usually a good sign that they would like to discuss resolving the complaint. Although this does not always fall in favor of the player.

If we receive multiple complaints on a casino we write those up as a Casino Scam Report.

Players Avoid El Dorado Palace Casino - Predatory Payout Rule

Players Avoid El Dorado Palace Casino – Predatory Payout Rule

Back in Dec 2009 we posted a warning about El Dorado Palace Casino for a predatory payout rule in their terms and conditions (read...
EU Casino: balance confiscations, non-responsive

EU Casino: balance confiscations, non-responsive

This just in from Casinomeister: We've had a rocky relationship with EU Casino over the years but recently that has deteriorated so dramatically that I...
Another Warning For Players

Another Warning For Players

We received yet another complaint today about from one of their players. The player states in an email to us that he was... Warning Warning

September 2004 Extreme caution urged if playing at Slow and sometimes non existent payouts and they are not responding to emails.

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