Loose Cannon Slot Game

No U.S. Players  This game is not available in the United States.


If your into Pirates you will LOVE the Loose Cannon Slot Game. One of our favorite Microgaming Pirate themed slots on the internet.

The symbols on the Loose Cannon slot game are cartoon style images of pirates and their possessions. There is the guy pirate and the lady pirate, the cannon with which they inflict their mayhem, the pet chimp, the chest full of pirate booty, the dagger stuck into the pirates’ treasure map,guns (of course), and a jug full of pirates favorite drink… rum.

The Pirate Ship is a wild symbol that can substitute for other symbols to create winning slots combinations. If a wild Pirate Ship appears on Reel 3, it will replicate itself to create a Wild Stack that covers the whole reel with wilds and create even more ways for players to win.

The cannons are of course ready to fire, and the Wild Pirate Ship is no exception. It will fire its cannons to the left and the right, and wherever the cannonballs land they will turn random symbols into additional wild symbols. That can result in lots of wild symbols all over the online slot machine, and that means lots of winning slots payouts.



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