FanDuel’s Pull Out of the UK Market May Be a Temporary Decision

FanDuel Pays Up After Glitch, Player Gets Paid Winnings

FanDuel’s Pull Out of the UK Market May Be a Temporary Decision

Daily fantasy sport activities in the UK are uncertain at this time with FanDuel announcing they were leaving the market. Not offering DFS for the football season puts a big damper on football fans. FanDuel launched about a year ago in the UK. When the news was first reported, by players via email, the company told everyone that they will be getting a full refund on all deposits made and the decision isn’t clear if it will be a temporary or permanent one.

DFS players are mystified to say the least especially with the 2017 season kick off right around the corner. With no official explanation of why the pull out earlier in the week, FanDuel did say that they “hope to be back in the future”.

The DFS operator implied that they are focusing on the US market right now with the new NFL season upon us. Speculation that the UK betting market and its highly competitive statues penetrate difficulties for the operator to gain its business. FanDuel also hinted that since they decided to depart the UK market, and with a sizeable investment that they lost, things may not go as planned or as expected if they decide to enter the UK market again, especially with the English Premier League football season.


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