Betsoft Gaming’s New Innovation, The Shift™ Platform

Betsoft Gaming's New Innovation, The Shift™ Platform

New Shift™ Platform Unveiled by BetSoft Gaming as Developer Looks Into a Next Generation Platform for Desktop Gaming

Betsoft’s Gaming new Shift ™ Platform is: Better Security, Better Compatibility, Optimized Performance, Even Faster Load times, Ease of Deployment and Legacy Support

BetSoft Gaming, games developer launched its very own new gaming platform for desktops called the Shift ™ Platform to advance its HTML5 gaming products. The creation of this iconic platform is to leverage the balance while moving away from the Flash games by deploying its content with HTML5 format.

Making the most of HTML5 technology was the focus when creating the proprietary platform. The new framework is definitely the new generation platform that will be in global demand with all computers and devices to support the future of online play.

BetSoft Gaming was the original creator and leader with 3D cinematic gaming, and with Adobe distancing themselves with supporting its flash player something had to be done, and that was the development of Shift.

“Our new Shift™ platform represents the next step in iGaming evolution, and is a tremendous milestone for the both the Company and the industry. While HTML5 has been a standard for some time, it is only just now that the technology and hardware have matured enough to allow for the standards of quality and visual excellence for which Betsoft games are known. We are extremely proud to introduce Shift™ as a comprehensive solution for future game development,” said Mark McKeown, Betsoft’s VP of Sales and Marketing.


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