BetSoft Launches its Winter-Themed Yak, Yeti and Roll Slot


Preview Betsoft’s Winter-themed, 5×3 Cascading Slot Game Featuring Yak, Yeti and Roll as they Take to the Frozen Tundra

BetSoft releases its latest innovative slot titled Yak, Yeti and Roll. The new game takes players on an adventure across the frozen tundra offering special bonuses on the way. Yaki and Yeti, the two characters that lead the way are known for their wild creations. They set off on the journey with their own way awarding free spins, wilds, multipliers and more.

The new game implements BetSoft’s proprietary TRAIL SYSTEM. The TRAIL SYSTEM leaves a trail of green, yellow and white gems across the screen while advancing the cascading reels with every win.

Annamaria Anasti, BetSoft’s Marketing Director said, “Yak, Yeti and Roll is releasing at an exciting time. Not tied to any particular celebration, the game is designed to evoke feelings of warmth in winter, which are common across the entire holiday season. We built that atmosphere with larger-than-life characters, jolly artwork, a wonderful soundtrack, and a clear paytable – creating a game with the broadest possible appeal for winter 2018/19 and beyond.”

Anasti added, “At the same time, Yak, Yeti and Roll comes at a vital juncture for Betsoft, incorporating our full range of newly-developed proprietary technologies. We have also just released our genre-redefining Max Quest title, and Yak, Yeti and Roll demonstrates that, as well as introducing all-new experiences, we also lead the industry in character-driven traditional slots.”


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