BGO Entertainment Hefty Fine by UKGC for Misleading Advertisement

BGO Entertainment Hefty Fine by UKGC for Misleading Advertisement

BGO Entertainment Gets Huge Fine by The UKGC

BGO Entertainment was hit hard with a big fine by the UKGC (UK Gambling Commission). The imposed penalty is a first for the commission with it penalizing on a license that breached the License Conditions and Codes of Practice. The UKGC issued the penalty to BGO Entertainment Ltd in the amount of GBP 300,000 for misleading advertising on affiliates and its own websites.

“We want to make sure that gambling is conducted fairly and openly,”

programme director Paul Hope said.

“So, we have made it clear to the industry that misleading advertising is a serious issue. We have powers to tackle it, including the power to impose financial penalties such as this,”

the UKGC said.

Concerns were first raised concerning BGO’s advertisements back in July of 2015. Discussions or investigations continued through October 2016. The UKGC, following the investigation, found that the entertainment company had published a total of nine advertisements on its own website in a year’s time. This breaches the SR code provision From February 4 through October 2016, all third parties that had a contractual partnership with BGO published a total of fourteen advertisements which breached the same provisions, all of which were deemed misleading.


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