California Poker Bill Trains for More Hurdles, Push Back Legislation

California Amended Poker Bill Hearing Set

California Poker Players May Not See Hoped for Legalization until 2018

California poker players may have to wait until 2018 before poker activities will be legalized in the state. A bill to legalize online poker activities won’t even be heard until next year according to reports.

Reggie Jones-Sawyer, California Assemblyman co-introduced the bill back in 2016. He teamed up with Adam Grey, Chairman of the Governmental Organization to introduced the proposed poker bill. Ever since the introduction the two have received nothing but criticism from legislators because of limitations of the proposed aims of the bill.

Responding to the criticism Jones-Sawyer released a statement saying,

“I don’t want to sound like a minister or psychologist, but we’ve got to start from ground zero where we’ve got to at least get people to want to try to get it done again. When I first started on this in earnest, we were going slow and methodical, and we had some successes. We weren’t trying to rush anyone and we weren’t pitting one side against the other, as best we could.”

One of the major hurdles the bill is seeing is from legislators who are attempting to allow online poker giants PokerStars to enter in the online poker market in the state. California tribes have opposed the allowance saying online giants such as PokerStars will do nothing but damage to their tribal business.

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