Digitain Releases its RocketOn Title

Digitain Releases its RocketOn Title

Digitain, a very successful casino and sportsbook content developer, announced the release of their latest action-packed adventure titled RocketOn.

The premium game takes players on a rocket fate adventure with its many features, payouts, automatic wagers and more. As soon as you place your wager the rocket journey begins! The initial bet launches game play with the odds growing at a riskier pace as the rockets journey continues. The aim or main objective of the game is to cashout before the rocket explodes. The game does offer an auto cashout feature. This allows for automatic cashouts based on automatic betting, pre-defined odds and also allows players to place wagers while they are offline.

RocketOn is one of Digitain’s most immersive games with interactive betting features that are sure to keep players interaction level at an all-time high. The new game is fully customizable for Digitain’s 100 plus operator portfolios and is guaranteed to offer the ultimate gaming experience across casino and sportsbook platforms.

Digitain is gearing up to make 2020 one of their best years yet! With the launch of RocketOn the content developer is off to the perfect start. Digitain’s Product Manager said, “It’s all systems go for planet Digitain”.


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