Endorphina’s Maori Slot Sparks Controversy with Hapai Te Hauora

Endorphia Games Celebration of Cultural New Zealand in Maori Slot

Endorphina’s Recent Release Causes Controversy

Endorphina’s latest slot release Maori is causing controversy with the Māori health advocacy organization, Hapai Te Hauora. The game has taken offense along with the gaming developer for some of the “insulting” symbols that are included in the game. The health advocacy organization is claiming that the similarities between the game and the association, and can be a problem with gambling in New Zealand.

“They [Endorphina] are trying to say they can introduce Māori culture through a game made by a company on the other side of the world”, commented General Manager of Hapai Te Hauora, Anthony Hawke.

Hawke added that,

“They’re ripping off our IP [Intellectual Property]. We need to make a statement to say this is not ok – let’s take it as high as we can take it, let’s get this shut down.”

Some of the similarities with the games symbols include the Maori-centric elements. These include the haka ka mate and pounamu. Each of the Maori symbols are protected by copyright and intellectual property laws.

The organization is also claiming that the game in its entirety “bastardizes the Maori culture” with its symbology depiction. No comment as of yet from Endorphina on the claims.

Watch a Preview of Endorphina’s Maori Slot


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