Gaming Expansion in Florida is Opposed by Florida Legislation

Gaming Expansion in Florida is Opposed by Florida Legislation

Florida’s Senate Bill 8 by Senator Bill Galvano Meets Opposition from Florida Legislation

Senator Bill Galvano’s gaming reform package was opposed by Florida legislation. The new gaming expansion bill received undivided backing at the first hearing that took place last month, but things soon changed. Galvano said that oppositions of the bill will be a healthy debate for the House with negotiations with the Seminole tribe and to expand gambling in the state.

One gaming lobbyist called the opposition a political confrontation saying it’s a “stand off at the OK Corral”. The new Committee Bill was put together by the House Tourism and Gaming Control Subcommittee. It is seeking to lead with the opposing chamber’s movement on blackjack and slots expansion in the state.

There has been voter approval in eight different counties for the expansion. The proposal would also allow for venues, who are pari-mutuel to run the games. Before it’s been allowed for the Seminole tribe to run the games with their seven casinos.

Galvano’s bill would also, in contrast, charge the tribe a fee that would be the same amount over a timeframe, but allow the right for roulette and craps to be allowed just like blackjack. PCB TGC 17-01 also includes a $3 billion payment structure over seven years for banked card games.


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