Explore the Enchanting Beauty of Pragmatic Play, Jade Butterfly

Explore the Enchanting Beauty of Pragmatic Play, Jade Butterfly

Pragmatic Play Announces the Release of its Latest Premium Slot, Jade Butterfly

Pragmatic Play announced its latest release of its premium slot addition titled Jade Butterfly. Pragmatic did a superb job creating and designing the new game. They put a lot of attention to detail into every piece of the game including its graphics, payouts and overall game attraction.

The backdrop of Jade Butterfly is mesmerizing with it being set against a calming yet beautiful background of cherry blossoms, waterfalls and floating lanterns. The layout of the game is of a picture of serenity with a 4×5 layout. The symbols that appear across the reels create the form of flower petals blooming, royal signs and of course the Jade Butterfly itself. Every winning combination will re-spin as the Jade Butterfly offers the option to create bigger wins.

Melissa Summerfield, Chief Commercial Officer for Pragmatic Play said,

“We are thrilled to roll out our new video slot Jade Butterfly. With intuitive features and innovative, strategy-centric reels, we are eager to introduce the game to our partners. Designed for extended, compelling play sessions, Jade Butterfly adds a unique twist to the Pragmatic Play portfolio as we move forward, committed to pushing the boundaries of slot gameplay through innovation and expertly-modelled mathematics.”


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