Multi-State Lottery Association Lawsuit after Rigged Drawings


Lawsuit Filed Against Multi-State Lottery Association by US Lottery Players for Rigged Drawings

Multi-State Lottery Association Lawsuit after Rigged DrawingsA group of US Lottery players have filed a lawsuit for compensation of cash refunds they spent on lottery tickets that were evidently rigged by employees. The lawsuit was filed against the Multi-State Lottery Association this week.

Lawyers representing the group of players filed their motion with the Iowa District Court. Dale Culler initiated the lawsuit seeking out lawyers who would represent himself as well as others. Culler’s lawyers are holding the Multi-State Lottery Association liable for its former employee’ actions. There were a number of charges filed against the former employee after lottery officials investigated and concluded with money laundering and fraud charges. The former employee manipulated the lottery’s random number generator by inserting a code to have a more predictable outcome of the draw.

Lottery officials are denying the claims saying that the former employee acted on his own behalf, and that they acted on the unfortunate situation as soon as they found out and became aware. Culler knows the chances or odds of winning the lottery are slim to none, but he said he never expected the games to be fixed and the chances diminishing to zero because the draw was tampered with.


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