UK Mobile Banks to Allow Blocking of Gambling Related Transactions

UK Mobile Banks to Allow Blocking of Gambling Related Transactions

As A Way of Trying to Get a Better Handle on Problem Gambling, UK is Allowing the Blocking of Gambling Related Transactions through Mobile Banks

UK mobile banks have now allowed the blocking of gambling transactions. In an aid to stop or get more control on problem gambling region. UK banks have introduced measures to click on a feature through an app that stops credit and debit cards from being accepted for online gaming transactions. If a player tries to use their card after registering for the block their transaction will be declined.

Gambling addiction, according to statistics, affect more than 528,000 people across the UK. Mobile banks, Starling and Monzo, is showing their support to tackle problem gambling by implementing the option for blocked gambling transactions. Before this innovative feature was implemented players, who wanted to ban themselves from gambling would have to talk with betting operators, but now with one click they can remove themselves from making deposits.

It won’t be easy or a simple task to deactivate the feature either. Banks will have a series of steps to complete before activating their credit and debit cards again. Some of these steps will include answering questions regarding their health and a 48-hour waiting period will be implemented. The National Gambling Helpline information will also be given.

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