A Divine Fortune Payout of $285K for Lucky Penn National Player

A Divine Fortune Payout of $285K for Lucky Penn National Player

Mega Jackpot Win on Divine Fortune Makes for a Wonderful New Year as Penn National Player Scores $285,000 Payday

One lucky Penn National Gaming casino player took home a huge jackpot worth $285,385 on December 28th. Hollywood Casino awarded the jackpot win just a few days after Christmas making a Christmas and New Year dream come true. The jackpot was won playing Divine Fortune across Hollywood Casinos iPhone mobile app.

Divine Fortune is a very popular slot for its Mega Jackpot wins. Mega Jackpot is a local progressive that pays out quite frequently across the network. The slot just launched across the Hollywood Casino platform back in July. This win is the second time the Mega Jackpot has been won since its launch.

Commenting on the win, Hollywood Casinos General Manager of the Online Casino said this is by far the biggest online jackpot to date. The casino is thrilled that their very own will start the new year with more than $285,000 in the bank. Divine Fortune is currently the only game in Pennsylvania that offers this type of local progressive jackpot. Once the jackpot is won it resets back to its minimum payout and grows as players play. Since it’s last hit it has already grown way over the $80,000 mark.


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