Borgata Hotel and Casino Pays Out its Biggest Jackpot Yet

Borgata Hotel and Casino Pays Out its Biggest Jackpot Yet

Borgata Hotel and Casino pays out its biggest jackpot yet

Borgata Hotel and Casino paid outs its biggest jackpot yet! Harold McDowell won a million-dollar payout for getting a six-card royal flush playing Three Card Poker at the Atlantic City casino resort. McDowell had $200 laying on the table when he was dealt the hand of a lifetime. Industry experts say the chance of getting deal an A (diamonds), Q (diamonds), 10 (diamonds) and the dealer holding a K, J and 9 of diamonds are one in about 20,348320.

The big payout couldn’t have come at a better time for McDowell. He is a retired public works director from Lakewood, New Jersey, and him and his wife were out having a good time in celebration of her being cancer free. The couple have been through a tough patch, but received the best news ever, and then the big win.

“I had my back to her. I turned around and said, ‘I just won a million dollars.’ She told me, ‘You’re full of crap’. Our lives will probably stay pretty much the same, but it might get better for our children. It was better news that she’s healthy. Money isn’t the most important thing.”


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