Slots Player Says FREE Spins Win of 100K Was a Godsend


Slots Player Says FREE Spins Win of 100K Was a GodsendFree Spins are a big draw for players wanting to give slot games a go and for one lucky unemployed resident from the Keystone state, it seems her FREE Spins were a gift from God. One could say that Janeta is God’s favorite slot player as the unemployed account manager took to slots to pad her bankroll with not one but several big wins to cash in on a $100,000 Winning Streak!

Online casino’s like approved listing Miami Club Casino, powered by Wager Gaming Technology’s software platform showcased the winning slots for Janeta big pay day! Janeta’s luck began early in the evening as she played and won many small amounts during the night.

However that didn’t seem to quill her passion for more play when she began feeling more confident as she began play on the Dragon Master slots game where she hit the Free Spin feature and won $25,000.

Beginning to feel as her luck was changing the no holds barred slot player pressed forward as she switched to the Black Magic slot where she promptly triggered the bonus game and won an additional $29,500. Fifteen minutes later, while playing the Magic Carpet slot, she won another $10,000. That was followed by an $18,500 win half an hour later on La Cucaracha. Finally, after she picked the right suitcase playing The Reel Deal and found $17,000, she called it a night.

“I’m still in shock! I’ve spent the entire day just processing the fact that I won so much!”

The winner lost her job in September and took her massive win as a message from God, telling her that everything is going to be okay until she finds another job. Janeta says she “plans to put some of the money away for her retirement and that she plans to take her family on a trip.”

Best of luck Janeta and congrats on your huge succession of fantastic wins!


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