WinADay Casino Players Lands a $188,597 Payday on Enchanted Gems

WinADay Casino Players Lands a $188,597 Payday on Enchanted Gems

WinaDay Slot Player Kelly S. Won an Amazing Amount of $188,597 Playing Enchanted Gems

A lucky WinADay Casino player landed themselves a $188,597 payday! Kelly S., the lucky winner was playing one of WinADay’s popular slots, Enchanted Gems. Kelly told WinADay that if she ever won huge, she would quit her job, but she’s not going to she’s going to take a long nice vacation instead.

Kelly S. spoke to a WinADay Casino customer service rep that she’s been waiting her whole life for a chance like this and it finally happened! She said she won a trip to Disneyland once, but that was a long time ago she can’t remember the details too well. She said she will put money in her savings and someday get a bigger house with a nice kitchen and bigger yard. Kelly S. gave some advice to other players looking to win saying WinADay is always giving away a lot of bonuses to its players and even if you make small deposits always take the bonuses, so you have more playing money.

Michael Hilary, WinADay Casino Manager said they are so happy to see the jackpot won by a longtime player. Hilary said he had a feeling the jackpot was going to be won soon with it climbing up there.


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