1XBet is Denying All Irresponsible Manner Allegations

1XBet is Denying All Irresponsible Manner Allegations

1XBet is denying all irresponsible manner allegations made by the GB Gambling Commission.

1XBet said it was third party networks that were the cause of the issues that have forced its UK-facing site to go offline. The operator has agreed to work closely with the GB Gambling Commission to address all issues and said they are working diligently to secure a gambling license for the market.

There were several allegations made against the operator that were first broadcasted in the Sunday Times. Media reports said 1XBet was promoting its brand and services on sites that were prohibited. 1XBet blamed its partners for displaying its ads on the prohibited sites saying it was done without their approval or knowledge.

1XBet spoke out and said they take all allegations very serious and they have launched an internal investigation to ensure continuous monitoring and have retained gaming specialists and consultants for advice on how to handle the matter for future reference. The GB Gambling Commission flagged the operator’s corresponding websites informing players it is currently unavailable at this time. 1XBet just recently signed several of high profiled sponsorship deals with football and has also secured other deals with Tottenham Hotspur.

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  1. This website is a cheater, under bonuses I haven`t got any bonus, which are written there, like for example deposit at least 20€, get 50%+free spins in some games and so on. Lately when I wrote to the online consultant and asked where is my bonus, which they promised, they just answered: there is no bonuses for me right now, giving me no reason why. I have a screenshot proof of that. I even haven`t wanted bonuses before, put as they made me broke I wanted to have at least something back. I have put around 5000€ on that website, even took loans to play there, the odds to win are very low, I didn´t get anything back since I played there, only once 600€ and this was becase of the cashback. And they don`t even give my the bonuses they promise on the website, even though I have gave them a lot of money, this makes me sad. There is no chance to win anything, as they have made it so that there is no chance to win, the winning % is very very low.


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