400 Evolution Gaming Employees in Georgia Protesting for Higher Pay

400 Evolution Gaming Employees in Georgia Protesting for Higher Pay

Evolution Gaming is a truly global online casino that specializes in providing live casino games such as roulette and blackjack. It is present in about a dozen countries all over the world, but mostly focusing on Europe.

Despite the fact that Georgia is definitely not its largest branch (2nd biggest with 1,100+ employees), the staff there have been on strike for more than a week now and are demanding that the company provide them higher pay and rehire employees that it has allegedly fired on trumped-up charges.

The case is actually being investigated by local worker unions to find any type of violation in the country’s labor laws.

The protesters are claiming that Evolution Gaming is generating much more in profits than they’re willing to pay their workers and that the conditions have been worsening for quite a while now.

There have been no official comments by Evolution Gaming’s Georgia board or any other executive as of yet aside from clarifications from their lawyer, which could imply that they’re prepared to let these protests slide without any major altercation.

However, an answer could be demanded from them by the local authorities as cases have come in about protesters feeling ill during the strike.

The initial information that spread across the media was that because of going on strike the executives of Evolution Gaming’s Georgia branch fired every single one of the protestors, which was later denied by the company’s local lawyer.

However, it turned out that the mass layoffs were actually true as one of the employees, Zurab Ghlonti has commented:

“I was fired for protesting. In the letter, it said that I failed my 6 month trial period and was also being fired for not reporting to work on June 30th (when the protests started). My demand will be for us to get our jobs back”.

Another employee who preferred to remain anonymous has also commented:

“The protests were actually illegal in the beginning, now they’re planning to actually file a document to classify their strike as legitimate. About half of the protestors have stopped and returned to work, but the company is in a crisis. Dealers are forced to replace shufflers and the shifts are in chaos. I honestly don’t know how things are going to develop in the future.”

The protestors are saying that the company generates millions of euros in profit every month and only pays them 100. Although it is not a breach of Georgian labor law as there is no minimum wage indicated, unions are saying that it’s a resemblance of the first cases of serfdom.

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