The Truth About Attitudes in the UK Gambling Industry

The Truth About Attitudes in the UK Gambling Industry

As more and more focus is placed on responsible gaming in the UK gambling industry, new details have come to light on the shocking attitudes of many within the sector towards this. The chair of GambleAware, Kate Lampard has revealed how shocked she was by her first impressions of the gambling industry. Further to that, she has already warned many gambling companies that they face somewhat of a threat due to a decline in trust by the gaming public.

Lampard, who started out her working life being a barrister, plus led a few of the country’s most notorious inquiries, stated that she was somewhat surprised about the gambling industry in the UK. According to a recent speech, she said that senior figures from the sector had tried clipping her wings. This was following an interview for the press where she mentioned that certain gambling companies are failing to come forth with adequate donations to charities for problem gambling. This was a move that she said these companies were “taking the mickey” over.

Amongst the action that was taken against her, she said that some figures had sent emails to her directly and others had gone over her head. The messages that she was receiving were questioning her own status and actions.

The Conference Warning

The annual conference of GambleAware – where Lampard was speaking – saw several leading figures in the gambling industry attending. It was there that the chair of GambleAware asked for changes in the attitudes of people within the industry. Furthermore, she also called for the large cabinet of men within the industry to stop dominating the gambling world. “The testosterone needs to make way for more enlightened women and men who take a long-term view”, she said.

Not only that, but gambling companies also came under fire from Lampard. She said that bookmakers were frequently involving themselves in silly battles against other sectors in the industry, like online casinos. Such wars were being fought over regulatory issues relating to betting machines. And those concerns were also backed up by the UK Gambling Commission’s executive director, Tim Miller. He called for these gambling companies to stop attacking other rivals and clear up their own companies.

The latest figures from the UK Gambling Commission show that a rise to 430,000 problem gamblers in the UK has taken place. This lead to Miller calling for the problem to be recognised as something of a health concern for the public. He even went as far as connecting it with such addictions to cigarettes, alcohol or narcotics. These comments came only a few days after it came to light that the UK government doesn’t have any idea just how many people are being treated for gambling addiction by the National Health Service (NHS). Additionally, there is no idea by said government of how much this is costing either.

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