Advanced Betting Strategies for Video Slots – Are They Worth It?

Advanced Betting Strategies for Video Slots - Are They Worth It?

Slot machines and video slots can be played in all sorts of strategies or without any strategy at all. That’s the fun in slots – everyone can enjoy them and win.

However, some of you may be interested in advanced strategies to increase your chances of success. Maybe you have a certain style of playing that you could benefit from if you used a particular strategy?

Below, we will cover several of these techniques which deal with wager size adjustments. Just keep in mind that no approach is perfect, nor will it work every single time and on all new slot sites that you visit.

Oh, and one more thing:

Whenever we refer to a losing bet, we mean rounds that don’t bring profit. This includes winning bets where the payout is lower than the stake paid for that round.

Parallel Stakes

One way to manage your budget as you spin a slot is to adjust it according to your swinging balance. Say, if you start with £30, stay on 30p per spin.

“If you increase your budget to £50, increase your wager up to 50p. Alternatively, if you drop to just £10, decrease the bet to 10p.”

It’s easy to track this if you choose a certain percentage for your bet, like 1% of your total bankroll. Using this strategy, you’ll be able to last longer on losing streaks.

At the same time, this opens up big win opportunities if you are successful. Keep in mind, though, that you may lose your winnings more quickly than you earned them.

“Martingale” Style Wagering

Martingale strategy is a famous betting method for games with 50/50 odds like roulette or Sic-Bo. You may use a similar approach in slots as well.

For this example, let’s begin with a 10p stake per spin. If you win, continue with the same wager. If you lose, increase the bet by one step (whatever the particular slot allows for).

If you continue losing, keep increasing the stake. If you win after a few losses, reset your bet to 10p. This strategy ensures that when you do win, you will win more than you lost on the previous round, covering at least some of the losses.

Step Betting

Similarly, you can reduce your bet by one step after winning, instead of dropping it down all the way. This way you can benefit much more from a winning streak than you would with the previous strategy.

Of course, the slot’s payout variance is of crucial importance here. Not all strategies will work equally well on all games. This “step betting” isn’t a good idea on highly volatile software.

High-Risk High-Profit Strategy

Opposite to what we’ve been suggesting before, you could earn a fortune with just a few spins if you have the guts or budget to sustain high-risk gameplay.

What you have to do is increase your bet after every single win instead of a loss. If you lose, place the lowest possible bet afterwards. If you win, though, increase the bet.

In the worst-case scenario, you’ll simply lose what you won on the previous round. On the other hand, success means a further multiplication of your winnings, especially if you can trigger a bonus round.

That being said, this strategy can be difficult to implement successfully, even on games that pay relatively frequently.

Peter McCullough, is our online poker/sports betting writer. He has been with us since our old website, Casino Scam Report ( Since rebranding to Casino Players Report, Peter continues to focus on the online poker/sports betting industry news.


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