Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) Says Ad Breached its Code

The Monopoly Of Online Casinos

Advertisement for Monopoly Themed Online Casino Game to Be Banned by the Advertising Standards Authority

An advertisement for the Monopoly themed online casino game, Rich Uncle Pennybags is soon to be banned by the Advertising Standards Authority. The ASA said the ad targets younger children and breaches its regulations that states all gambling adverts cannot be designed to appeal to younger people.

The proposed ban comes after a mounting concern for the younger generation and children being exposed to gambling through different channels including social media, television, apps, computer games and sport events. The ASA hasn’t published its ruling, but it’s been confirmed that the regulator has contacted the company behind the game, Gibraltar-based company, Entertaining Play, to not let the advert be broadcast again.

The Bishop of St Albans, the Right Rev Dr Alan Smith agreed with the ASA ruling, supporting the decision for the ban saying,  “Monopoly is beloved by young people and there was no doubt that a smiling cartoon character which is the logo of this family board game will appeal to children. Board games should be allowed to remain board games and must be off-limits to gambling companies pushing boundaries in order to normalise highly addictive casino games.”


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