Alderney on the Defense against British Statements on Player Protection


Alderney Gambling CommissionAlderney Gaming Control is defending itself against statements by British operators in UK newspapers stating that they do not protect their consumers properly in the online gambling industry. British operators have said that they do protect the consumer is a much safer way and devalue Alderney Gaming for having lax regulatory procedures. A statement coming out of Alderney Gaming states, “There is no basis for suggesting that a million children may become addicted to online gambling or that the current white listing regime compromises player protection”.

The UK wishes to have all white listed gambling sites licensed by the UK Commission because they state they would offer better player protection and all non UK licensed operators must leave the UK. Alderney Gaming thinks the UK government does not fully understand the implications of introducing a system which would require ALL operators based out of the UK to be licensed by the UK Commission. But adding to the high compliance and regulatory cost of operators could in fact cause more operators to operate underground more so than what they have been doing now. Alderney Gaming also states that the UK Commission needs to understand that by pushing this proposed law through to fruition will not change the fact that unregulated operators will still service British consumers regardless of new laws or new changes to old laws.

By Patricia C. Senior Editor


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