All Online Gambling Operations to Be Stopped in Cambodia

All Online Gambling Operations to Be Stopped in Cambodia

In order to preserve public order Cambodia’s government has set plans to halt all local online gambling operations

All local online gambling operations is going to be stopped in Cambodia according to reports. The Cambodian Prime Minister is set to issue a directive order to the Cambodia government to stop the issuance of online gambling licensing and policies within the border of Cambodia. The directive warning is said to be effective immediately with all existing online licenses. All licenses that has been issued already will remain valid but won’t be renewed.

Government officials said the prohibitions is a move that will stop offshore and foreign criminals from extorting and taking money. The strict measures must be taken to ensure the implementation of a safer environment for Cambodia consumers. Authorities have already been cracking down with illegal gambling operations with arresting hundreds of people already.

Cambodia has become a hub for Asia-Pacific online gambling operators thanks to the government going through a phase of issuing casino licenses. Currently there are more than 160 active Cambodian licenses as of the last part of April. There’s been meeting scheduled for some time this month with leaders in the country as well as the Philippines and China to discuss certain topics regarding the online gambling sector.


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