Amendments Signed in Lithuania for Regulation of iGaming


Lithuania President Signs Amendments to the National Gaming Law, Possibility of Online Gambling Regulation Coming Soon

Amendments Signed in Lithuania for Regulation of iGamingLast Friday, Lithuanian president Dalia Grybauskaitė amended the National Gaming Law in the country with the signing of a new legislation that will warrant the supervision of online gambling. The amendments confirm that remote gambling can be organized by companies or operators that are licensed, certified and supervised only by the Lithuania’s Gaming Control Authority.
The Netherlands and Lithuania are the only two members of the European Union that don’t have remote gambling activities. With the new amendments in place this is a first step in the right direction towards regulating such activities.
Lithuania’s president commented that it is necessary for regulation so that the state can prevent the growth of illegal markets to protect its citizens. Underage citizens especially need protected from illegal and unsafe gaming operators. The new changes also confirm that the promotion of any illegal operator or website will be illegal in the country.
The amendments, before approval will have to be part of the European Union standard routine with final approval coming from the Commission so that all legal requirements and compliance principles are ensured.
The European Commission reminded Lithuania’s president that it is a necessity for regulation that everything be done in accordance with security, health and public order.


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