An Overview of Casino Superstitions

An Overview of Casino Superstitions

Since gambling deals with luck, many players come up with superstitions for having good luck. These superstitions are from experience or coincidence. People may believe in lucky charms such as special clothing, lucky number, or lucky move.

An example is when a person does a certain thing while gambling and wins huge prizes. Another player could have done that same thing and won huge prizes as well. When these gamblers render their testimonies, other players would assume that these were actions for winning a bet.

The group of people in the world who believe strongly in superstitions is the Chinese. They and other people who believe superstitions follow certain rules that increase gambling chances. Apart from actions that increase good luck, they also believe in bad luck. They have set a list of actions a player shouldn’t take while gambling.

Lucky and Unlucky Numbers

Chinese players believe that 8 is a lucky number. They believe that it has some supernatural powers attached to it. On some other continents like Europe and America, the number 7 popularly a lucky number. For slot machines, gamblers believe that 7 is a lucky figure for winning games.

Another superstitious number is 13. Some gamblers believe that it is an unlucky number. The popular “Friday the 13th” is one of the reasons people associate number 13 with bad luck. This idea has been passed on through books and media platforms. That way, many people recognize “1” as either evil or unlucky. In Las Vegas hotels, the 13th floor is always omitted because lodgers may fear bad luck while staying in any of the rooms on that floor. Another unlucky number is “4”. The Chinese associate it with death. No gambler would want such a number around them.


Another superstition is wearing colorful clothing. Bright colors signify bright opportunities. So, when gambling, superstitious people believe that you have to wear bright colors to increase your chance of winning the bet. Pretty clothing is meant to make you feel happy, so wearing them will make your gameplay worth being happy about. Wearing new or favorite underwear is another lucky clothing. Since you love that underwear so much, it could increase your bet wins.


Chinese gamblers believe that red numbers in roulette are more powerful than black numbers. They feel that black isn’t a lucky color because it’s a dark color. The review on PlayAmo at the can be helpful for gamblers who want to start playing at an Schweiz online casino. This means that you’ll pay a minimum deposit to play your favorite table games and roulette. If you aren’t a believer in a superstition whereby you select red numbers, not to worry. Gambling is by chance and many of these notions are false.

Washing Hands Mid-Session

Many players believe that you have to wash your hands for cleansing during the mid-session. This should be when you’re on a losing streak in the game. Washing hands generally shows that you’ll touch something with clean hands. So, this superstition has it that your hands are clean, so your fortune becomes positive.

Looking Away

Many people believe that when you look away, there’s a chance that the ball actually drops where you want it to. Also, when you roll the dice, look away to increase your chance. And this superstition stems from the idea that “expectation causes disappointment”. They could cover the computer or phone screen with their hands to ensure that they don’t watch how the ball drops or how the reels stop. Some players haven’t been so lucky with it because looking away doesn’t move your reel in the position you want it to be in.

Lucky Charms

People believe that you need some lucky charms to get good luck. These charms include objects that signify good luck around you. It could be a necklace, bracelet, or another piece of jewelry. Also, this lucky charm could be a sculpture in your home.

Keeping Fingers Crossed

On a regular day, English speakers believe that keeping your fingers crossed before a game gives you good luck. Now, many people have forgotten about this act, but they do it without realizing it. It has become a part of their subconscious mind to cross fingers to win a bet. Before spinning wheels, people cross their fingers in a bid to give themselves the assurance of good luck.

The list doesn’t end here. Many gamblers come up with new ideas that help them become lucky. As long as they pass the idea on to other gamblers, that superstition spreads and stays with them. Players say that they work, but it isn’t really advisable to follow all superstitions. Ensure that you do all that is required and expect that casino wins are by chance.

G. Arthur is part of our editorial staff and writes about the latest online gambling industry news and related articles from around the globe.


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