Anti-Gambling Activist Campaigning Against DFS in New Mexico

Anti-Gambling Activist Campaigning Against DFS in New Mexico

Anti-Gambling Activist Dr. Guy Clark Urging New Mexico to Rule DFS Activities Illegal

Dr. Guy Clark, anti-gambling activist from the Stop Predatory Gambling New Mexico has reached out to media telling state lawmakers to not vote for legalizing daily fantasy sports. Clark claims that legalizing the activities will open the door for online gambling interests to wedge their way in to introduce online casino gambling and sports betting.

Sen. John Ryan and Rep. Nate Gentry, two New Mexico politicians are not in agreeance with Mr. Clark. They say that daily fantasy sports is a game of skill and nothing further. They are in agreeance that it should be legalized in the state.

The New Mexico Gaming Control Act says, in definition that prohibited gaming is an “activity in which, upon payment of consideration, a player receives a prize or other thing of value, the award of which is determined by chance even though accompanied by some skill.”

Clark released, in an article over the weekend the following statement.

“Some people have more skill at some form of gambling than others, but the definition of gambling still holds. For the over 90 percent of DFS players who consistently lose, skill doesn’t seem to have much to do with it. Even more important than the issue of DFS alone is the intention of the multi-billion-dollar gambling industry to use DFS as the wedge to open the door to legalized online gambling, with the next steps being online sports gambling, online poker, then full-scale casino gambling.”



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