Is Apple’s New iWatch the New Gamblers Get Smartwatch?

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Could the New Apple iWatch be the Next Gambling Craze? Or is a Smartwatch Destined to Just Waste Time?

Apple just announced the rollout of the new Apple iWatch. With a release date set for April 24th, consumers can start pre-ordering theirs as soon as April 10th. This luxury watch is said to be on the higher end of the Swiss and other luxury watches that are available on the market today. The functionality of the third tier watch could put smartphones on the back burner for the mobile gambling world.

The gambling industry has the advanced technologies needed to expand the possibilities of play, but the question is, when? Playing slots on your wrist would definitely be something of the future, and if it’s possible, this industry would be the one to make it happen.

The Apple iWatch is said to come in two different sizes, no matter which one of the three different tiers you order. Each tier is targeted to a specific audience such as sports, and other wide audiences.

Each of the watches will have the iPhone companion app where you can make calls from your wrist, listen to music, make purchases over the net, use other apps, and possibility gamble online. When these new high tech smartwatches hit the market it will be interesting to see if they will be capable with the mobile gambling industry.

If you listen to industry pros from Forbes and the like they believe that Apple’s lastest gadget is destined to fail! According to a recent article one particular journalist shared is voice on the latest smartwatch saying, ”

“The iWatch is an expensive frippery – like a prototype super sports car that will never make it into production. It’s a chance for the tech world to see how much computer we can pack into a small space and for people to applaud Apple’s continued devotion to innovation and ideas.

But as a thing that people will buy? Not on your life.”

I guess literally time will tell!


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