Are overseas online casinos worth it?

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There are many things that you, the player, needs to consider prior to signing up and registering to an online casino. Is the casino licensed? How are the bonuses at the casino? How gamified is the casino? But prior to ticking all the above boxes, there is one question to think about; will you register at a local online casino or take a dip across the pond at an overseas casino?

Before you go ahead and register at an online casino that is located overseas, it is important to keep some aspects in mind to make sure that your gameplay is safe.  Let’s have a closer look if registering and playing at the top non UK casino sites is worth it or not.

Is gambling legal in your country?

Is gambling legal in your country? That is the starting point to this conversation of course. If we look at countries like Poland, gambling is illegal 100% and you could face prosecution if found promoting a gambling platform or playing at an online casino. Other countries like Norway and Sweden will allow you to gamble, but only if you do that in the state-run casinos, with all other casinos being illegal altogether.

Unfortunately, gambling is frowned upon in many countries, with governments turning a blind eye to the growing need for a legal gambling framework. With country monopoly matters and also gambling being banned or semi banned in many countries, many gamblers seek overseas online casinos for their share of online gambling fun. This is normally done via the means of a VPN (Virtual Private Network), where all your data is encrypted, and you can easily connect to an overseas site from anywhere you feel like.

Only recently did the United States start to ease into the world of gambling and betting, so with some many bets being placed and wagered, where were Americans playing at? Many American punters did head over to offshore sites and wager in their go-to sports along with wagering on online casinos games. This is the main reason why many US states are aiming to make gambling and sports legal. This will see players player at home sites, licensed in the country, whilst at the same time, States will receive tax funds in return, which will be invested back again the State community. If gambling is legal in your country, there is no need to risk playing at offshore sites.

If you happen to be in Australia and like to wager money on games of chance like casinos games, you will sadly know that playing casino games is illegal in Australia.  The Interactive Gambling Act of 2001 allows all Australian to bet and gamble, however, this only applies to lottery games and sports betting, with an online casino, still being deemed as illegal. Australian punters that like online casinos, would need to seek their thrills overseas if they feel the itch to wager money on slots, table games, and also live casino games like blackjack. On the other hand, New Zealand, and its Gambling Act of 2003 state that it is illegal to gamble in the state, however, the country will allow its players to sign up and play at overseas online casino sites. In this case, and also in many other instances we listed above, overseas casinos is worth your time, and money.

The funding of your online casino bankroll

Many countries try to fight the problem of gambling in their own way. One of these countries deemed to have one of the biggest gambling addictions in the world is the United Kingdom.  If you happen to be in the United Kingdom and a fan of gambling, you might know that the UKGC (United Kingdom Gambling Commission) has imposed a ban on the usage of credit cards, for funding your playtime at online casinos. So, UK gamblers had no choice but to seek alternative ways to fund their gambling; after all, we live in a digital era where all our lives and the contents within survive on the usage of a plastic card: our credit card.

Since many countries are imposing bans on how to fund your gambling, many gambling authorities are making player account funding checks more stringent. UK online casinos have a  legal obligation to check your source of funds, along with checking all your personal data. Something that offshore gambling sites are not so picky on. The matter of privacy in the gambling world has always come up, and with the UK tightening the grips on account checks, gamblers seek alternative ways to play and gamble.

Gambling with no restrictions

If gambling is legal in a country is not such a big issue anymore, the main issue here is the gambling restrictions that some countries impose on online casinos. Whilst countries like Malta allow you to gamble and wager on sports at your free will, other countries will only allow gambling in land based casinos, and will never allow an online casino site to set up home in the country. Other countries will also impose bans on your snagging a bonus from the online casino, hence not allowing you to enjoy the same benefits that players get from the same online casino. Gambling restrictions have become an ongoing headache for many punters just looking for some good playtime and to unwind. With many restrictions on what slots you can play, what bonuses you can land, and if you can even log in to a gambling site, visiting an overseas online casinos is 100% worth it at times.

As long as you register and play at a licensed and regulated overseas website, you are in good hands. Before registering to the offshore site, we always suggest that you look at bookmaker and online casino review sites, just to get a glimpse of what the gambling site offers, what offers you can land, and what help you will get if you stumble along the way.

Lisa T is part of our editorial staff and writes about the latest online gambling industry news and related articles from around the globe.


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