Australian Government Reviews IGA


The Internet Gambling Act of 2001 is finally being reviewed by the Australian Federal Government, and certainly not before time. While they are reviewing this Act, other Internet industry professionals are also taking a look at various aspects of the online gambling game in this country. For example the Internet Industry Association (IIA) is having their say about online problem gambling, and also saying this issue should be addressed at the PC and smart-phone level.

The point of the discussion is that the IIA wants to caution against placing responsibility for this problem on the ISP (Internet Service Provider). What they want is problem gambling to be managed at the point of service access, which is the end-users device. Apparently with todays’ advanced technology, there must be a way. The argument is that the prohibition of online gambling sites and other applications in this country have been completely ineffective in the light of the fact that so many offshore gambling services are available.

Placing responsibility on the Internet Service Provider, even in terms of Australian online gambling sites, would leave too many ways for problem gambling to slip through the cracks. When it is controlled at the point of consumption; the point is, it can be controlled – perhaps not completely, but at least to a certain degree. This is the most effective and technologically feasible way.

Placing responsibility on ISP’s or other sectors of the online gambling industry, in an effort to help regulate the problem, was ineffective and unrealistic; particularly if included in a new Internet Gambling Act. In essence ISP’s do not want ‘gatekeeper’ responsibilities thrust upon them, as this would lead to higher costs as well as greater problems. In effect Australians who use offshore gambling sites, should not have the protection of the online gambling laws which are applicable to this country.

Written by Neha A


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