Australian Online Gambling Agreements Represent New Milestone

Australian Online Gambling Agreements Represent New Milestone

New Restrictions Agreed Upon for Online Gambling in Australia as Federal and State Come Together

The Australian government reached an agreement for new restrictions for online gambling measures this week. The new agreement will further restrictions for online gambling activities in the country. The agreement was mutual between territory, state and federal ministers.

The following restrictions were agreed upon. Operators cannot force punters to play through winnings before a withdraw is allowed, lines of credit will no longer be offered via advertisements, all gambling operators are prohibited from offering new signup promotional offers for new online gambling accounts, and the federal government will be adding A$1.5 million up to A$3 million to invest a research model for states and territories that will begin the 1st of July.

The Australian Minister made some unsubstantiated remarks regarding online gambling and its potential to create problem gambling with Aussie punters. He said,

“The rate of problem gambling online is three times higher than elsewhere, and online wagering is growing by 15 percent per annum. In the future, more problems will come from online punting unless we have better protections in place.”

The Minister also gave indication that there will be further banning by the government after the federal government consults with internet service providers and payment processors to try and combat offshore operators.


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