Baazov Leaves Amaya, Rafi Ashkenazi New Chief Exec of Pokerstars

Baazov Leaves Amaya, Rafi Ashkenazi New Chief Exec of Pokerstars

Amaya Gaming Loses David Baazov as Chief Executive of PokerStars, New Interim Rafi Ashkenazi Appointed as Replacement

Five months after David Baazov, Chief Executive of Amaya owned PokerStars was charged with several counts of illegal inside trading in Canada, has announced he was stepping down as Chief Executive. The current interim Chief Executive Rafi Ashkenazi has been appointed the new position.

Baazov, the dynamic force behind Amaya acquiring Full Tilt and PokerStars back in 2014 released a statement saying, “I am proud of my contributions in building Amaya into the successful company it is today, and continue to be supportive of its strategy and management.”

Amaya Gaming has thanked Baazov for contributing what he did for the company and its “rapid growth”. They said the company “looks forward to Mr Ashkenazi’s continued success in leading the execution of Amaya’s strategy”.

Amaya has also appointed Divyesh Gadhia Chairman of the company. Divyesh was interim Chairman since March, and now permanently holds the position title. Amaya has seen increased revenue growth. Revenues have increased by 10% to $285.9 million and also have seen a tremendous increase with players as well.

“We continue to execute on our 2016 strategy,” said the new Chief Executive. “Through focused expense management and product improvements and diversification, we delivered second quarter results that overcame seasonal headwinds and continued currency challenges, evidencing the strength of our combined core business.”


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