Bail for Internet Tycoon Daniel Tzvetkoff Has Rumors Flying

Bail for Internet Tycoon Daniel Tzvetkoff Has Rumors Flying

The Internet Gaming Tycoon, Daniel Tzvetkoff was Released on Bail after Being Arrested in Las Vegas

The business tycoon was arrested while at a conference for operating an illegal gaming money processor for online casinos. Tzvetkoff created the Australian electronic cash processor “Intabill” which was not as lucrative as hoped.

It has been speculated that the disappointed creditors are the ones that tipped off Las Vegas authorities of Tzvetkoff whereabouts in Las Vegas. Now facing criminal and federal charges for rendering services for online casinos operating inside the USA illegally; he was released on bail although he is believed to be bankrupt there is speculation over where the bail out money came from.

This whole story is bizarre and secretive including how he got out of jail. His charges for this April arrest where for allegedly processing over $500 Million in online casino transactions inside the US from 2008 to 2009, but the charges themselves are not specific and only refer to money laundering. He was secretly released from jail after a court hearing in August where he made a plea that is not known, he is now a free man until his next court hearing.

Speculation following this surprise “middle of the night” release from jail has many wondering if Tzvetkoff was set up to cooperate with the US DOJ in their federal investigation of money laundering and online gambling. If this is true, will the US government drop the charges against Tzvetkoff for his cooperation or charge him with lesser charges? While he is out on bail it has been said he has to surrender his passport and wear a GPS bracelet at all times. Will the story unravel in book like fashion or maybe a Hollywood movie, we will have to wait and see what is next in this US Department of Justice special.


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