Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission Crackdown

Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission Crackdown

Bangladesh Cracks Down on Gambling Websites Blocking More than 175 Sites

Bangladesh telecom regulator is cracking down blocking more than 175 gambling websites this weekend. The Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission requested that the Telecom department to block all gambling websites for internet safety precautions. This move comes after the telecom regulator blocked more than 1,500 pornographic sites in the country, a move that is part of the internet safety program. Online gambling is illegal in the country with no confirmation if and when online gambling activities will ever be allowed.

The regulator said they have received several complaints regarding online gambling in the country and there was no choice but to block all said websites. The telecom regulator’s Minister, Mustafa Jabbar said that all websites that were blocked were dangerous and more will be blocked through the internet safety program as the precaution move continues from the government side. Jabbar also confirmed that the regulator will do everything in its power to eradicate online gambling that has and will continue to target Bangladesh citizens.

The General Secretary of the Internet Service Provider Association of Bangladesh, MD Emdadul Hoque said, “It might take few more hours to block all the sites completely as blocking any site is so technical.”


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