Belarus Signs Online Casino Activity into Law

Belarus Signs Online Casino Activity into Law

News reports released this week confirms that Belarus has signed into law legalizing online casino activity and raising the minimum gambling age in the country.

National President, Alyaksandr Lukashenka signed Decree No. 305 August 7. This decree allows operators to license their products and offer to Belarus citizens as long as they fall under regulations.

Rules to abide by are; operators must have a safety net in a separate account to pay players winnings if the business fails. All licensed online casinos must utilize the centralize payment processing system and operators must have some form of identity and age check for all players. Other requirements include no loaning of monies to gamble with, operators must monitor all gambling action in land-based resorts via the CCTV system and tax authorities will have remote access to operator finance and management systems.

The minimum gambling age requirement used to be 18 but is now 21 years of age with the new laws. A spokesman for the Belarus government said that the new laws will minimize money going to offshore operators, limit Belarus citizens from playing outside of its national and will enforce unlicensed operators from offering its services.

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