Betiton – The New Brand Using AI to Enhance Players’ Experience

What Does the Future of Online Gambling Look Like?

Mark Zuckerberg thinks it’s the future of humanity. Elon Musk believes people should be afraid of it while Bill Gates has a long list of things AI can solve. So, is Artificial Intelligence a revolutionary innovation or a threat against humanity?

According to Betiton, a new iGaming brand, AI is a secret weapon that can be used in marketing, providing customer support and enhancing players’ experiences. The Malta-based company has been using AI to serve customers since its launch, and here’s how that has worked for them.

Localizing Customer Experience

Betiton uses an AI engine that can detect a player’s location and localize their experience. For starters, it determines which language they use so that they visit a version of the Betiton website that supports that language.

The company supports several languages: Finnish, Spanish, German, French, and Norwegian, to name a few. Being able to access a casino’s site in their local languages not only makes it easy to understand services provided but it also increases loyalty.

Another way Betiton uses AI to localize experiences regards payments. First, the company features multiple banking options to offer variety. Then it uses its algorithms to determine which currency a player is most likely to prefer.

If you reside in New Zealand, for example, the AI is most likely to show you the NZ$ sign first. If you live in Canada by contrast, you get the option to use C$.

Personalizing your Gaming Experience

Betiton’s AI is designed to not only track what games a customer likes but it also keeps a record of them. That way, the company always knows what each player loves to play and can work on promoting similar games to them.

Games aside, the AI is also designed to personalize bonuses. The welcome package is standard for everyone. That is, you get a 100% offer up to €150 if you want to play casino games or €10 for sports betting.

But after that, you enter a VIP section where you are rewarded based on your efforts. It’s a point based-system where earning more points means rising the ranks. The site has seven VIP levels, each with different perks.

At the peak of the program, you get $100 immediately you qualify for “VIP Prestige.” You receive 50 free games the next day and an account manager on your third day. You also get a personalized offer, although this applies also to the Platinum and Premium levels.

Reliable Search Feature

Many website search engines are grossly unhelpful. And if you are like many people, you leave websites whose search features don’t work. To counter this challenge, Betiton has a properly configured, AI-reliant search function.

When you use it to find slots, poker, blackjack or sports betting games, it delivers precisely what you are after. For example, a search on Gonzo’s Quest slot game brings up the game as you would expect.

However, the engine doesn’t stop at the only game you searched for. Instead, it also gives you a list of similar games. These are mostly games with the same keywords as you entered. Either way, Betiton’s search engine is impressively reliable.

Chatbot for Customer Support

Chatbots are becoming ubiquitous in the casino world. Unfortunately, not every company knows how to use them right. Most companies have bots with only a few canned replies or those that can’t synthesize people’s messages properly.

With Betiton, its chatbot is designed to provide helpful solutions to players’ problems. As a result, it’s operated by professionally trained, courteous and empathetic human agents.

The support agents work round-the-clock to ensure players get assistance whenever they need it. Using the bot is stupid simple. It’s located last in the casino’s list of features. You don’t need to be a registered member to ask a question although it’s highly recommended.

Streamlining Cross-Platform Gaming

It is through AI that a company can let players access their accounts on multiple devices. To increase this personalization, Betiton has an algorithm that monitors players’ devices in real-time.

So, when you scroll the Betiton website and leave for any reason, you can get a message on your smart phone informing you of an offer. That way, you just have to click the bonus on your iPad and take advantage of it quickly.

When it comes to games, the AI keeps track of your records so that each time you come back, you don’t have to search them again. Instead, you can pick up straight from where you left or choose to play different games.

This also works with sports betting. If you use Betiton to bet on football primarily. You’ll always find a list of the best games to predict when you log in to your account. However, you might get suggestions for more games whenever there are few or no football games.

Powering Live Casino Software

Betiton uses a powerful program to help facilitate live casino games. This software works on both desktop and mobile devices. What’s more, it supports a myriad of table games, from blackjack and baccarat to poker and roulette.

For the uninitiated, live casino games allow you to play table games with human players instead of bots. Most new casinos provide these games, but some do it better than others.

Betiton, in particular, has segmented its live casino section for personalization. Precisely, it has VIP games, German and French-speaking dealers and virtual football games.

Harm-Free Gaming

Betiton cares about its players’ financial wellbeing. So, to ensure they play responsibly, it has tools they can use to limit their bets, their gaming times or to self-exclude for some weeks.

The algorithm Betiton uses to encourage responsible betting can also help analyze customers’ behaviors and betting patterns. In turn, the company can use this information to intervene where necessary.

To Conclude

Betiton takes pride in using technology to enhance players’ gaming experience as much as possible. It uses AI algorithms to manage virtually all of its departments, from customer help and contacts to games and bonuses. Luckily, these algorithms work efficiently, thereby helping players have a wonderful experience on the website.

G. Arthur is part of our editorial staff and writes about the latest online gambling industry news and related articles from around the globe.


  1. Pretty weak. AI isn’t needed to identify a user’s location and, just because I may temporarily be in Russia, this doesn’t mean I want the Russian version. Obviously, the type of currency would be tied to the location, so saying AI makes the determination is nothing more than wordplay. None of the examples given are any different than what every other gaming platform is doing, and I certainly wouldn’t want notifications about offers popping up on my phone because I stepped away from the computer.


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