Bill H271 Passed, But Faces High Tax Rate for Gambling Industry

Bill H271 Passed, But Faces High Tax Rate for Gambling Industry

There’s Good and Bad News for Online Gambling in Pennsylvania

Good and bad news for online gambling in Pennsylvania surfaced today. The good news first! The online gambling bill to legalize and regulate casino and online poker activities passed the Senate committees this afternoon, Tuesday, May 23rd. Bill H271 was a shell for gaming reform in the state, but with the provisions including online gambling, it’s no longer a shell it’s a bill that the state has been waiting patiently for, for approval.

The Senate Community, Economic and Recreational Development Committee voted 11-3 to forward the bill. It also got the approval and moved right along through the Senate Appropriations Committee the same day.

And, we have the bad news up next! The bad news connected to this bill is that there is a very high tax rate attached to it. The tax rate is so high it threatens the online gambling industry in the state. It’s the highest so far for any regulated online market.

Some of the provisions and high tax rate examples included in the bill. Online slot machines and table games will be taxed at a 54% rate. Online poker will be taxed at 16% for all revenues.


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