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Prepare yourself – for this is not the place to be if you want more woke bingo than the best bingo jokes. The bingo games hall both at an online casino and in a land based casino is the place that breeds fun and energy, and along with that come some pretty fabulous jokes. 

The best bingo jokes we know won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but bingo games are an incredibly sociable activity. It is only natural there’ll be some hilarious jokes floating about the place – and some bingo games jokes will be more popular than others. Read on to find your favourite bingo jokes – click to play.

Hilarious Bingo Stories which are now Jokes 

Across the bingo games board the world over, there are a variety of hilarious bingo stories which have done the rounds and become classic bingo jokes. Whether these bingo games tales are real or not – we don’t know. But one things for sure, they’re pretty hilarious. 

#1 The Blonde Bingo Game 

One of the most popular bingo games halls in the USA, the All Blonde Bingo Hall was holding a Ladies Only night of bingo games. It was so far a slow game as far as bingo games go – no word of a BINGO anytime the entire evening. The last game however, was about to begin and there was a huge $3500.00 to win. 

These bingo games went on until the late night, and finally G-47 was called. Still no BINGO could be heard. Finally the frustrated caller gets up and throws the bingo games machine off stage. The caller announces to a shocked audience “I called out every one of these 75 balls and nobody has a Bingo? What are you waiting for?” Altogether 412 blonde ladies shout “Free Space!” 

#2 The New York Bingo Caller 

On a busy New York City street, a guy is struck by a bus. Covered in blood lying on the floor with his last dying wish, he calls for a priest to bless him. Despite calls for one, there are none. A little old Jewish man about 86 years old steps out of the crowd. The man says he can help fulfil his dying wish. 

“Mr policeman,” he says, “For 50 years I live behind the Catholic Church on First Avenue, and every night I hear Catholic litany. Perhaps I can be of comfort to this man?” The policeman agrees and both approach the dying man. Kneeling at the victim’s side, the Jewish man solemnly calls “B-4, I-19, N-38, G-54, 0-72…” 

#3 The Bingo Games Divorcee Tale 

Chatting to her best bingo games buddy, Nicola was telling Catherine about how she’d recently had a falling out with her husband. The row was about bingo games. Explaining, Nicola says “My husband said I have to choose between him or bingo games – I’m gonna miss him!” Hopefully all light hearted humour here, we personally love the hilarious jokes that come out of bingo games. We hope you enjoyed these just as much too!


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