Cash Prizes to Be Won in Downtown Bingos Haunted 13th Special!

Cash Prizes to Be Won in Downtown Bingos Haunted 13th Special!

Downtown Bingos Haunted 13th Special is Guaranteeing Surprising Lucky Game Payouts in the Halloween Bingo Room on Saturday, October 13th

Do you consider the number 13 to be lucky or unlucky? Are you superstitious? Many believe that only good things will happen on the 13th day of the month and Downtown Bingo is one of these believers. They strongly believe that the 13th day of the month brings everyone lucky that they are hosting the Haunted 13th Special this Saturday October 13th.

They are guaranteeing $130.00 games, $33 starting games and are also offering $13,000 coveralls with a minimum prize payout worth $130.

Join the haunted and lucky fun from 8:00pm EDT in the Halloween Bingo room for Spooktacular prizes, special chat games and bingo cards for just $0.25 each. Special top of the hour games will play at 8:00 and again at 9. These games are Halloween themed and all offer a special buy 8 get 4 free offer.

Whatever reason you have for the number 13 being lucky, don’t miss out on this Haunted 13th Special event. Pre-orders are available, so you don’t miss out. If you haven’t joined the number one USA bingo site yet now is the time. New players are welcomed to the site with a 500% match bonus with the first deposit.


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