Father’s Day Fun with Daddy’s Bingo Sunday at Downtown Bingo

Father’s Day Fun with Daddy’s Bingo Sunday at Downtown Bingo

Make Father’s Day Special with Huge Cash Prizes at Downtown Bingo, Special Buy 3 Get 2 Free Offer on All Cards

Join Downtown Bingo this Sunday June 16th for some Father’s Day Fun and Daddy’s Bingo. Make Father’s Day extra special with some huge cash prizes up for grabs with guaranteed starting pots, reverse coveralls and minimum coverall payouts.

Daddy’s Bingo starts at 7:00pm EDT on Sunday in the Spring Bingo room. Every game played will be offered for $1.00 per card, and as usual, buy three get two free with Downtown’s special card buy. Daddy’s Bingo will play for two full hours with nonstop games the entire time. There will be an exciting mix of guaranteed cash games, chat games and coverall games paying out a guaranteed minimum prize.

  • Father’s Day Starting $100 games
  • $100 Father’s Day Reverse Coverall $350 games
  • Father’s Day Coverall $10,000 min $100 games

Celebrate the day and make it more special by joining one of the biggest online bingo families around! Join Downtown Bingo and not only make it a memorable Father’s Day but receive a memorable welcome bonus of 500% when the first deposit is made, plus a free $5 credit. After the first deposit, Downtown Bingo will credit all subsequent ones with other special funding bonuses.


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