Head Downtown for Low Cost B75 Bingo in the Nickel Room

Head Downtown for Low Cost B75 Bingo in the Nickel Room

Start the New Year Off Right Playing for Nickels a Game at Downtown Bingo

Start the new year off right playing for nickels a game at Downtown Bingo. Downtown Bingo hosts the Nickel Bingo room daily from 1:00pm Est until 9:00pm. The Nickel Bingo room is filled with excitement with low cost entertainment for just $0.05 per card.

The fun and excitement starts out with Crazy Nickel Games. These crazy games start with a $100 pot and each time a ball is called the prize drops until it’s won. These games guarantee a payout of at least $10. Next on the schedule are starting $25 bingo games. Of course, these too are just $0.05 per card with cash prizes starting at $25 and growing rapidly as players purchases cards. Top of the hour $2,500 coveralls ends the evening. The minimum prize is worth $25 with the possibility of winning the maximum payout.

With fantastic cash prizes worth up to $2,500, the Nickel Bingo room is a guarantee to entertain for just pennies per game. The best part about the Nickel Bingo room is that new players can use their 500% welcome bonus to purchase cards. All players are welcome, including players from the USA.


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