Blockchain Casino on the Horizon in Macau

Blockchain Casino on the Horizon in Macau

Blockchain has been one of the best things that have happened to the financial industry in the 21st century.

After the 2008 disaster, they were one of the assets alongside many others that did their best to pull the world through the crisis. No wonder they have been so popular these few years, appearing with pretty much any financial firm or institution.

Blockchain has not had enough coverage it looks like and is now heading towards the gaming industry, passing their tests with flying colors. It has been announced that a Macau-based company which is under the leadership of Kennis Wong, a former Jimei International CEO, is conducting fundraising projects through Initial Coin Offerings (ICO)s to raise $1 billion in order to fund the project.

The reason behind the decision is the untrustworthy nature of today’s gaming industry. The project managers are claiming that by making the venture with Blockchain, it ensures their transparency and trustworthiness, given the fact how easy it is to conduct research on Blockchain based servers. They have also mentioned their enthusiasm about the whole chip and token gambling, which may leave fiat currencies swallowing dust right behind them.


De Club is planning to receive funding from a Malta-based company WRGCL (Wide Rich Global Company Limited), which will transfer 20 billion DEC tokens, ensuring the acquisition of the casino name and the Macau license. Most of the casinos will be land-based but an online casino is also being planned.


DEC will also be a core part of this project as it will surely be the exchangeable and playable token in the online casino it will ultimately fund. DEC is one of the easiest coins to liquidate and exchange into fiat currencies, therefore making it one of the most desired ones for online gambling and online dealings in general. The tokens will begin to be sold on the 15th of November.

Tokenization has been proved to be most effective on Ethereum. Pretty much every token is based on the technology and DEC will not be any different. However, the company is already looking at alternatives, should a Ethereum based tokenization prove impossible. They already have a plan B Bitcoin Cash tokenization.

By the end of 2020, De Club will also have an offshore bank in place, in order to have their fiat currencies at hand, should the need arise. They also claim that it may be very healthy for the DEC system they are about to create.


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