SiGMA’s Malta Event Makes History with a Record Number of Delegates

SiGMA’s Malta Event Makes History with a Record Number of Delegates

Sigma offers outstanding events for everyone involved in the iGaming industry and this last one was no exception. Packed with conferences, workshops different expos and networking event it was every gaming professionals’ heaven. The conference lasted for three days and delivered on thought-provoking conversations, actually productive networking and much more.

The expo this year aimed to focus on the variety that these events usually provide. Showcasing the newest games and developments, discussing innovative solutions while allowing the delegated to network and work out deals it was truly something special. Some of the attendees have even said that this was the best SiGMA event in the company’s history and the numbers are there to support it.

Blockchain, Brain drain, and Regulations

During the three day event, the venue offered 6 conferences and workshops to share the knowledge between the delegates and the speakers while also offering a platform for the heated debate. The topics covered were blockchain solutions, brain drain, regulation and compliance across jurisdictions, esports and so on. Sigma events are a great opportunity for everyone in the industry whos looking to elevate their presence and network with other creators and industry professionals. The event ended with an award show that recognized prominent contributors to the sector.

While usually, one would dismiss the networking events as pretty useless in the sphere like iGaming things are a little different. While iGaming companies are usually quite popular they really heavily on affiliate marketing. While Affiliate marketing can be done by any venue and any industry there are certain industries that benefit from it the most because of the circumstances.

Online Casinos, for example, rely heavily on Affiliate marketing because that’s the main way that most of the website would advertise casinos. A good example of that would be the Playamo affiliate program that offers all these different partner venues where you can also advertise your product. For this reason the networking event, of course when done correctly and with the right people can actually be very useful. Considering that SiGMA’s status in the iGaming industry it was expected that the event would deliver and give the people opportunities that they flew for from various countries.

Besides the networking opportunities, SiGma event really is the place to discuss the recent innovations in the industry. The conferences and workshops are full of gaming business leaders and renowned specialist that know what the focus will be on the future and where to direct your energy next. Some of the highlights from the 3-day Malta event was the importance of the different, less explored market for the developers and CEOs to focus on, such as Africa.

There was a talk about cryptocurrency and how it’s allowing so many people to access financial services for the first time in their lives, which is the topic that many bankers and fintech companies have been talking about a lot recently. And of course, the AI still confuses a lot of people but which is becoming more and more intertwined with our day to day activities.

Opportunities for Start-ups

Another perk of attending this SiGMA event is their Start-up Pitch section, that brings investment opportunities and business advice for the fresh start-ups that are still on their way towards establishing themselves. The startups that are present at the event get to battle with each other for the top prize. This time the winner was “Bethereum” who will get the spotlight in the next issue of Sigma Magazine.

As always SiGMA made sure to entertain their attendees properly to give them a break from the information-packed days. They did so by offering luxury iGathering dinners as well as Betting on Boxing joust. The attendees also got to go on a sunset cruise where offered after-dark events.

On the last evening of the gathering Fashion TV Gaming, Pragmatic Play and Videoslots ended the summit in style.

Events like these are crucial for the iGaming industry that is often sidelined by other traditional businesses. Be that the networking or heated debates with the field professionals, SiGMA gatherings create opportunities for new startups and established companies to elevate their products, look for affiliate connections that are crucial for the industry and network, which can sometimes be hard when you’re dealing with large digital services. The importance of communicating face to face is not lost on SiGMA and it’s proven to be a successful tactic.

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